• Mail Pilot Poster - 1974


Mail Pilot Poster - 1974

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1974 Re-release theatrical folded one-sheet (27” x 41”) movie poster. Comedy
cartoon short featuring the voice of Walt Disney as Mickey Mouse. “The Uncut,
Uncensored Sound Cartoon;” “Filmed in radiant Black & White.”
Condition: Very Good- Some toning at folds.

Mickey the mail pilot is entrusted with a chest of money. He battles rain and snow, but his biggest battle is against Pete, who has a plane equipped with a machine gun and a harpoon cannon. Mickey's plane quickly loses its wings and propeller to Pete's armaments, but he improvises a helicopter blade with a clothes-drying rack, then, when that gives way, a replacement prop from a windmill. At this point, Pete harpoons him, and Mickey drags Pete through a bell tower, demolishing Pete's plane. Mickey delivers the money to Minnie and Pete to the authorities.

27 x 41